Sunday, December 18, 2011

100,000 miles with a Penguin

An odd title indeed but appropriate for this past week as the odometer in my Durango passed this mark, a few days shy of being 12 years old. And for all of those miles, I’ve had my trusty copilot. In fact, he has been with me since the last year or so of my previous truck. Lots of things have changed for me during those miles. A few carer changes, some goal changes, and a developing attitude change. All for the better. 
 New friends have appeared, while some others have passed on. I appreciate life more now and have tried to slow down and enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer. 
 I’ve traveled many miles and been to places I never expected to go with only a penguin (and a GPS) to guide me. We’ve had our share of close calls, more than a few times I’ve turned to him and said “can you believe that we made it through that unscathed?”. His response was always the same, eyes wide open and speechless from shock. 
 At other times he’s been a sounding board for my troubles of the day. He does not criticize but only offer his wisdom through silence, a true demonstration of the belief that all answers are already inside you. 
 Who knows what else life has in store for us? I’m sure new adventures await no matter what. There are plenty of miles left in this truck and I intend on going as far as I can. 
Many times I’ve been asked why I have a penguin in my truck. The answer is always the same. Why wouldn’t I have a penguin in my truck?

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